Time Won’t Let Me

When I started this blog about four and a half years ago, I thought that it would be a great way to do something creative and hopefully entertaining on a semi-regular basis. I was not very successful on either front.

When I had kids, I thought that I would write something at least once a month to document these years which are going by so fast and to hopefully be entertaining. I was even less successful.

As it turns out, having kids is kind of time-consuming. Who knew? And my blog has went the way of many of my other endeavors, figuratively (and sometimes literally) shoved in the back of a closet with my CB Radio, my half-finished “Seinfeld” script and a Karate Gi with an Arby’s Sauce stain on it.

This is where I would ordinarily put a picture of a Karate Gi with an Arby's Sauce stain on it, but the internet has failed me again.

This is where I would ordinarily put a picture of a Karate Gi with an Arby’s Sauce stain on it, but the internet has failed me again.

Being an involved Dad is a full-time job, and nothing at all like Ward on “Leave it to Beaver,” who came home and smoked a pipe in the living room by himself until dinner was ready. I don’t even have a pipe. Or a kid named Beaver.

But in all honesty, the bar for being considered a “good” Dad is set way lower than the bar for being considered a “good” Mom. Mom’s have such an unrealistic standard set for them that even great Moms can’t live up to it. To be considered a “good” Dad, you pretty much just have to live somewhere near your kids, have changed a diaper once (even incorrectly) and not be currently throwing loose change at your kids.

But still, I feel like I don’t have any time, even though my kids don’t even really do anything yet. I’m not driving any carpools, or taking kids to dance class or baseball practice. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit that in.

As a terribly unathletic kid, I once hid under my bed when it came time for baseball practice so that I could see how things turned out on the episode of “Wonder Woman” I was watching. My Mom looked all around the house for me, but now I think that she may have known that I was under the bed and just thought “I didn’t really feel like driving him to practice anyway.”

As of right now, my days and nights are filled with preparing food, cleaning that same food off of the floor, giving baths, doing laundry, answering questions about clouds and a million other things.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world. This time is going by so fast, but I am so lucky to get to spend it with Jen, Matthew and Kate.


Maybe my life isn’t too exciting, but when you have kids, every day is an adventure, you just might not realize it on the day.

I vow to be better about writing, and I hope to get something out there on a more frequesnt basis. If not, I hope you will enjoy the pictures I post of Matthew’s high school graduation.



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4 responses to “Time Won’t Let Me

  1. Uncle Bud & Aunt Judy

    You are soooo good at that stuff (blogging and raising kids)!!! Keep up the good work…when you have time!!!!

  2. Diane Clements

    Scott, you forgot about also being not only a son, but a son in law, and I’m here to say that you are a super son in law. Always pleasent, ready to heop with things like “fulltime” matress mover who’s always on call for someone needing a bed and a source of handy tools, and tips on repairs. Always with a smile and a laugh for my jokes! We love you.

  3. Hey Scott, I missed your writing. Good to have you back. I know what you mean about being busy. I had kids 13 months apart and missed the 70’s. Love, Susie

  4. Lisa Komp

    Very well said, Scott! And so true. I look forward to reading more … whether iit’s in a month or after the kids are in college. It’s always a good read!

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